This page is, of course, a work in progress. There are many thousands of worlds throughout the galaxy and this page will note only a tiny fraction of them.


The Core

One of the great core worlds, Alderaan is inhabited mainly by humans.
Aspects: Highly Civilized Core World, Democratic Rule Of Law.
Another great core wold, Correllia is known for its vast starship production facilities and for being a hub of pan-galactic trade. Correllian starships are not the largest, but they are often the fastest.
Aspects: Important Core World, Center Of Industrial Production, Old Families Rule, No Faster Ships, Correlians Travel Far.
The capital world of the Galactic Republic, Coruscant is an urban zone over its entire surface. Coruscant is home to the Galactic Senate, the Jedi Council, and all central offices of Republican government.
Aspects: All Paths Lead To Coruscant, Galactic Senate, Jedi Temple, Vast Under Cities, The Great And The Powerful, Decadence And Corruption.
Homeworld of the Duros, one of the earliest and most far ranging of intelligent species in the galaxy. Duro is heavily polluted, so most Duros in the system live in orbital habitats.
Aspects: Duros Remember Home The Way It Used To Be, Industry And Pollution, Ancient World Sucked Dry.

The Rim

Homeworld of the Wookiees, Kashyyyk is covered in vast forests of kilometer high trees. Most Wookiees live in platform cities built in the trees, venturing down into the depths only occasionally.
Aspects: Tree Cities, Honor Among The Clans, Strangers Not Welcome, Only Fools Do Not Fear The Deep Forests.
Nar Shadaa
Orbiting Nal Hutta, the homeworld of the Hutts, is a large moon that has become notorious as a den of smuggling, slavery, gambling, and corruption.
Aspects: Smuggler’s Moon, Anything For A Price, Everyone Owes Someone, Low Gravity.
The harsh, rocky homeworld of the Twi’leks, an Outer Rim Territories world located on the Corellian Run. One side of the planet perpetually faces its sun and the other remains in darkness, a phenomenon known as tidal locking. The dayside is referred to as the Bright Lands and the night-side is known as the Nightlands.
Aspects: Must Cooperate To Survive, Ever Sun and Ever Dark.
The Wheel
The Wheel is a vast wheel shaped space habitat located on the Perlemian Trade Route.It is known for its many casinos and gladiatorial arenas. The rich of the galaxy flock to the Wheel for its many decadent luxuries.
Aspects: Money Is Law, Nothing Too Decadent, Use Or Be Used.
Tol Bator
An obscure, arid world in the Maldrood sector near Handooine containing only a couple of small mining outposts. Site of an archaeological expedition from the Correlian Sentientology Institute at the site of an ancient ship crash, providing information leading to a search for ancient Sith artifacts in the Tingel Arm of the galaxy. 
Aspects: Remote, arid, and barely inhabited.


The Temple of Darth Elyn
This ancient Sith ruin is situated on a deceptively beautiful little moon orbiting a world called Naxin. The world was once inhabited, several species coexisting in relative peace, along with a small early Jedi temple. All that ended when Elyn came. Using Sith sorceries, she destroyed Naxin, turning there once fertile world into a wasteland that makes Tattoine look welcoming and hospitable. The once dead moon from which Elyn worked her magics was connected to its parent world by crackling bands of energy… The life of the world was drained over the course of weeks in Elyn’s quest for immortality.

It is unknown if the experiment worked. Darth Elyn’s temple stands, a Sith ziggurat like many tombs on many worlds, but her final resting place, if she has one, was never discovered.

The temple stood undisturbed for generations, and stands wreathed in vines which nearly conceal the trap-ridden interior. Inside, the abandoned toys of a Sith sorceress, including the artifact which corrupted Jedi Knight Orrin. The datacron held terrible secrets, whispered dark promises of power, immortality, and more. Orrin was left in the temple by his padawan, injured, weaponless, and lost in the promises of the ancient datacron

Aspects:Ancient Mysteries, What Was Once Fertile Is Now Wasteland.

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