Player Characters

Spiley Craw (Kle)


Description: Tall lanky Human spacer in his 50s. Seems to sort of “fold up” when sitting or crouching, stalks around deliberately on the move. Looks like John O’Connor (from Buckaroo Banzai) / Vince Schiavelli. Often slow and laconic in speech, unless the sell requires a different approach.


  • High Concept: Gypsy of the Spaceways
  • Species Aspect: As a Human from the wheel, Spiley has Seen it all; maybe too much
  • Trouble: Curiosity Might Have Killed the Cat, But I’M DOING FINE
  • Slippery as a Fleek Eel (provisional aspect; thinking about it)
  • Captain of the Invisible Hand


  • Great (+4) Deceive
  • Good (+3) Investigate, Shoot
  • Fair (+2) Engineering, Athletics, Stealth
  • Average (+1) Notice, Physique, Pilot, Knowledge


  • Attention to Detail: Investigate counters Deceive.
  • Long-Range Guns [Invisible Hand]: The ship’s weapons have one extra zone of range.
  • Holonet Assimilator [Invisible Hand]: Gain +2 to Investigate rolls when access to the Holonet would be of assistance.
  • Programmable ID Transponder [Invisible Hand]: Illegal device allows ship to identify itself as some other vessel.
  • Deflector Shields [Invisible Hand]: +2 Defense.

Refresh: 1
Mental stress: 2
Physical stress: 3
Consequences: Mild, Moderate, Severe

Rea al’Kina (Denise)


Description: Female Lethan Twi’lek.


  • High Concept: Padawan of a fallen Jedi
  • Species Aspect: Twi’lek females are strikingly beautiful
  • Trouble: Easily tempted, at least briefly
  • Stole my master’s lightsaber
  • Crew of the Invisible Hand


  • Great (+4) Athletics
  • Good (+3) Will, Empathy
  • Fair (+2) Fight, Provoke, Notice
  • Average (+1) Shoot, Rapport, Deceive, Physique


  • Telekinesis
  • Lightsaber
  • Force sensitivity

Refresh: 3
Mental stress: 4
Physical stress: 3
Consequences: Mild, Moderate, Severe

Chi Na’reen (Kirsten)



Description: Scruffy female Bothan.


    • High Concept: Pilot of the Invisible Hand
    • Species Aspect: Bothans are known for persuasion
    • Trouble: Can’t resist shiny things
    • Thinks she’s lucky but actually Force sensitive
    • ??


  • Great (+4) Pilot
  • Good (+3) Shoot, Security
  • Fair (+2) Notice, Fight, Rapport
  • Average (+1) Medic, Stealth, Deceive, Knowledge


  • Always a way out (Security): +2 on Security rolls made to create an advantage whenever you’re trying to escape from a location
  • Force resistant (Will): +2 to resist Force-based mental attacks or influence.
  • Agent (Contacts): Gain +2 when defending against legal entanglements with the Bothan government.
  • Divert notice (Stealth/Force): Draw the attention of the weak minded away from you. Gain +2 to Stealth rolls versus ordinary nameless NPCs.

Refresh: 2
Mental stress: 2
Physical stress: 2
Consequences: Mild, Moderate, Severe

Gist Aupecos (Lee)

Description: Human male.


  • High Concept: Ex-spy
  • Species Aspect: Human
  • Trouble: Lazy
  • Dad’s lightsaber
  • Expert scrounger


  • Great (+4) Deceive
  • Good (+3) Rapport, Will
  • Fair (+2) Notice, Resources, Knowledge
  • Average (+1) Fight, Contacts, Empathy, Provoke


  • Telepathy: Make an Empathy roll to sense the target’s emotional state or send a short message (a few words) to the target. Difficulty depends on how close an emotional bond you have with the target, whether he or she has a Force aspect, and distance. A success with style provides deeper insight or allows a longer message of several sentences to be sent.
  • Membership Benefits (Republic Intelligence): Gain +2 to your Contacts skill with other members of that organization.
  • Lightsaber: When you attack with a lightsaber, you can spend a fate point to apply damage to consequences, not stress.
  • Lightsaber defense: Use Fight instead of Athletics to defend with a lightsaber against attacks from blasters and slugthrowers.

Refresh: 2
Mental stress: 3
Physical stress: 2
Consequences: Mild, Moderate, Severe


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